Oklahoma ABLE Tech's Device Short- and Long-Term Loan Portal

Device Loan - 6 - Weeks (Try Before You Buy)

Device Loans are available for FREE and for up to six weeks (short-term). Available to all Oklahoma residents with disabilities, their family members, and the professionals that support them.


  • To assist in AT decision-making
  • To serve as a loaner while the consumer is waiting for device repair or funding
  • To provide accommodation on a short-term basis
  • To support professional development

Steps to Borrow a Device for Short-Term Loan:

  1. If you do not have any account, start by submitting one on the New User - Registration link.
  2. Search device short-term loan inventory
  3. Add device to Loan Cart
  4. Click View Loan Cart in the green box at the top
  5. Submit Device Loan Request

Once a request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. We will immediately process. If there is a waitlist or questions regarding your loan request, an ABLE Tech representative will reach out to you.

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Returning Users, simply click Returning User - Log In link below and begin your request.

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If assistance is needed, email abletech@okstate.edu or call 405-744-9748 or 800.257.1705 (V/TTY) and ABLE Tech will send the request form to you.

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Device Reutilization - DME Reuse/Exchange

The purpose of Device Reutilization Program is to allow Oklahomans to acquire devices through reuse and exchange activities. 

The Device Reuse Program offers free, gently-used durable medical equipment (DME) for long-term loan. It is to be returned to the program when no longer needed/used. 

The Device Exchange Program is a person-to-person exchange which functions like a classified online marketplace offering gently-used AT and DME to view, post, or request for sale/free/needed. This program also offers free, gently-used AT and Adaptive Baby Care equipment for long-term loan. Please view both Reuse and Exchange inventories to find needed items. To donate or sell an item, please register for a free account and log in.

Register to Borrow a Long-Term Loan Device: 

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Returning Users, simply click Returning User - Log In link below and begin your request.
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Email atreuse@okstate.edu or call 405-523-4810 or 833-431-9706, and ABLE Tech will send the request form to you.

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