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Kitchen Cooking Life Skills Folders

Device Description

The Kitchen and Cooking Life Skill file folders comes with 11 file folders all based on a kitchen/cooking theme. Skills targeted include sorting and matching. Velcro dots are used to attach pieces to and from the file folders. 

File Folders include:
Sorting Measuring Cups and Spoons
Matching Measuring Cups/Spoons with their label
Measuring Liquid Cups - How much is in there?
Measuring Liquid Cups - Matching
Stove Temps - level 1: set to exact numbers on dials
Stove Temps - level 2: includes in-between temperatures on dials
Oven Temps - level 1: set to exact numbers
Oven Temps - level 2: in-between temps such as 375.
Does it belong in the fridge or cabinet? (food sort)
Drinks vs. Snacks sort
Dinnerware vs. Cookware sort

Device Information


6 Weeks

Learning, Cognition and Development

Breezy Special Ed


Location Information

Oklahoma ABLE Tech

1514 W. Hall of Fame, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078

(405) 744-9748