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Meal Lifter Eating Aid with Red Plate

Device Description

The Meal Lifte is an eating aid designed to raise a dinner plate several inches in height to reduce the distance from the plate to the mouth for self-feeding. The Meal Lifter is made of durable molded polypropylene that is dishwasher safe. The eating aid measures 4.25“ high by 10.5” wide at its base and weighs approximately 3/4 lbs. The 9” round ceramic plate is designed to fit the Meal Lifter™ perfectly. The weight of the plate allows it to rest effortlessly in the Meal Lifter™ with minimal movement. To use Meal Lifter ™ simply rest a 9” plate at the top of the aid to achieve more effortless motion between hand and mouth.

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6 Weeks

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Meal Lifter


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