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Cynaps Assist Cap

Device Description

Cynaps Assist Bone Conduction Cap is an assistive listening headgear that enhances sound. It uses bone conduction to direct the amplified sound into the inner ear using vibration. The caps are adjustable and fit most adult heads. THe cap has dual mics that allow unprecndented sound location awareness. The mics are charged with USB charging cables that are included. A single charge lasts 6-10 hours, depending on volume level. Hear amplified sounds around you in fine detail using bone conduction. Maximum gain is 85dB. The cap for kids/teen is adjustable from 52-56cm (20 1/2 - 22 inches head circumference). These are super adjustable and will fit most children from 0-12 years old. The adult cap is adjustable from 56-62cm. Modules are removeable for cleaning purposes, but can also be taken out of the caps and installed into the cap or headgear of your choice if needed. Very versatile and easy to use. Super light design for maximum comfort. Please note, this cap does not come with Bluetooth and is specifically designed to allow you to hear amplified sounds around you using bone conduction.

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