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Device Description

The iTalk4 provides individuals with four side-by-side communication messages and up to 12 saved messages. Individuals who are non-speaking or unintelligible can benefit from using the iTalk4 to communicate. The iTalk 4 offers individuals with fine motor difficulties 4 large buttons to activate to communicate. Activate the colored top to play the desired message and pictures and/or symbols can be inserted under the clear caps. New messages are easily and quickly recorded to the iTalk4 on the fly or use the three levels to pre-record ahead of time. The iTalk 4 has a recording time of 6-minutes total. Messages can used for a variety of communication intents such as greetings “hello”, requesting “I want”, informing “my name is”, protesting “no”, commenting “I like”, humor “Knock Knock…”, and so many more. The iTalk4 switch input/output jacks allow individuals to activate switch adapted toys or appliance with this device. Plug any switch-adapted toy or appliance into any of the switch input/output jacks. Record a message into the corresponding location. Press the switch top to play the message and activate. The attached toy or appliance. The toy or appliance will turn on for the length of the message. 

Activate Surface Size: Less than 2.5 inches 

Weight: 1.45 pounds 

Device Information


6 Weeks

Speech Communication

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