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Uppercase Letters Textured Touch and Trace Cards

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Children love to use their fingers to trace just about anything. It's a natural way for them to process information. These textured touch and trace cards embrace this concept so that children can learn their upper-case letters. And because each card has one raised letter, it's also a fantastic way for a child who is blind or visually impaired to learn independently. First, have the child see the letter or say the letter. Then trace the letter following the directional arrows (so children know where to begin) that are numbered 1, 2, and 3. Follow from the green dot (Go) to red dot (Stop). Finally, encourage the child to sound-out the letter and applaud them for doing a great job. A boxed set of 26 cards will enable your child to feel the way to an understanding of how each upper-case letter is formed and what it looks like. Textured Touch and Trace Cards are a creative and multisensory method of learning that will enable a child to acquire fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

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6 Weeks

Learning, Cognition and Development

Independent Living Aids


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