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Freeze up

Device Description

The Freeze Up game allows two to eight players to play by thinking of a name that belongs in the category they have chosen. For instance, if the category is "animals" and the first letter must be "s", the player can say "snake" or "snail" or any other word beginning with "s". Each player is given 60 seconds per game to think of names in the categories. The last player to use up their time is the winner. No vision is needed, just good recall and a sense of fun. Includes 170 categories, such as "capital cities" to "snack foods" and thousands of questions. Oval shape measures 7.5" x 5.5" x 2". Uses 3 "AA" batteries (NI). Recommended for ages 8 years to mature adults who want to keep their minds nimble.

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6 Weeks

Recreational, Sports and Leisure

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