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Sunu Band

Device Description

The Sunu Band is a sonar smartband that improves navigation for individuals with visual impairments. It combines sonar or echolocation with gentle precise vibrations to inform the user about objects or obstacles within their environment. The band augments awareness of the wearer's personal space, reduces accidents, and ultimately improves confidence while providing a more fluid and enjoyable mobility. The band produces high-frequency sound waves which bounce off close objects. Sunu then creates unique vibratory patterns depending on how close or far away the user is to the obstacle. For example, the pulses are much more frequent the closer you are to the object; less frequent if the object is further away. Edge Detector function provides haptic feedback when you locate the edge of doorway or corner. It uses a customizable via Sunu mobile app. The Sunu Band should be used in conjunction with a cane or guide dog. Includes a standard 20mm watch strap and buckle that fits most men and women sizes.

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