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Bathroom Vocab Life Skills Adaptive Booklet

Device Description

The Bathroom Vocabulary Life Skills Adaptive Booklet with Task Cards can assist individuals with becoming more independent by learning about vocabulary related to the bathroom. The set comes with an interactive book with 9 removable pictures of items found in the bathroom. The book can be used for reading example. reading the content throughout the book, matching example. matching the pictures from the choice page to pictures in the book, and extension activities, example. by asking the question “Do you have any of these at home?” The set also comes with 40 task cards with the following tasks: matching the clip art symbol to a real picture of the object, errorless matching (all the answers are the correct answer), matching identical pictures, and matching the word to the clip art symbol. Individuals can point, use clothespins, or circle with a dry erase marker to show their answer.

Device Information


6 Weeks

Learning, Cognition and Development

Breezy Special Ed


Location Information

Oklahoma ABLE Tech

1514 W. Hall of Fame, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078

(405) 744-9748