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Joy Player

Device Description

The Joy Player allows individuals who are developing fine motor skills, have limited mobility, or a cognitive disability, in addition to a visual impairment to access music and audio books. Designed to be used with the personal music player routine in APH’s Sensory Learning Kit (which is available to borrow from ABLE Tech, too), the Joy Player allows individuals to access music and audio books by playing WAV or MP3 files that are copied onto SD cards, USB flash drives, and Digital Talking Book (DTB) cartridges. The player does not play pre-recorded books on DTB Cartridges from the National Library Service (NLS) because NLS uses 3GS files, not WAV or MP3 files. A chute helps players guide the cartridge into the Joy Player. Twist-on caps (with accompanying rings) can be applied to reduce the number of button switches on the device. There are five button switches that operate. The back of the device has jacks to accept external switches.  The Joy Player does not come with a switch, however, five (5) switches can be added to provide the function of each button switch. External switches operate whether the player is using AC or DC. The Joy Player is for ages 3 and up and has multiple modes of operation.

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